Siyathuthuka Development Centre Refurbishment Project

Siyathuthuka Obanjeni NPO was established in 2007 as a feeding scheme for local children in need in the Obanjeni community. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization had to close its doors. Nevertheless, Siyathuthuka continued to provide assistance by distributing parcels to homes. Siyathuthuka Obanjeni NPO reopened its doors in July 2021, as the Siyathuthuka Development Centre, with the vision to meet the need for quality early childhood development. The daycare currently has 8 – 12 children, aged between 3 – 5, enrolled in its Grade RRR and RR programs. The daycare also offers daily hot meals to the children enrolled in its program. On the 14 October 2023, The Hope Fund loaded up and headed to Objaneni to begin the work of refurbishing the Siyathuthuka Development Centre. The daycare required a flushing toilet as they only had a drop toilet. The roof and ceiling had holes that needed repairs, and the walls needed a fresh coat of paint. The floors were made of cement and required flooring. The playground equipment required an upgrade and a fresh coat of paint to uplift the look of the daycare and make it more child-friendly and inviting. Siyathuthuka reached out to The Hope Fund and requested our assistance in funding to upgrade their facilities.



Clairwood Boys Primary School

Clairwood Boys Primary School is a public school located in the Clairwood area south of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. The school offers education to boys from grade R-7.

The school aims to ensure that children acquire and apply knowledge and skills in ways that are meaningful to their own lives.

sandwich fillings

Most of the students at Clairwood Boys Primary School come from the Lamontville and Umlazi area.

Some of these students live with their grandparents who are unable to provide them with adequate meals. As a result, these students arrive at school without having eaten breakfast or carrying lunch.

The teachers have identified 30 students who are in need of lunch on a daily basis. The school receives a daily bread donation, but due to financial constraints, it is not able to purchase the fillings.

To address this issue, the teachers have decided to collect money amongst themselves to purchase fillings for the bread and make sandwiches for the 30 students. However, this is not always possible, so the school reached out to The Hope Fund for assistance with purchasing lunch fillings.

The Hope Fund donated 2x 2.75kg peanut butters, 2x 3kg jam, 4x 1kg margarine and 2x 2.5kg polony.


Despite facing financial difficulties and other challenges, two boys from Clairwood Boys Primary School have consistently demonstrated their commitment to academic excellence.

Their teachers have identified them as top performers in their grade, and they are known for their exceptional behavior and unwavering respect for others.

Their humility and dedication to their studies are truly admirable. Learner 1, who lives in Lamontville, has a dream of becoming a pilot. Learner 2, who resides in Umlazi, aspires to become an engineer.

Clairwood Boys Primary School sought the assistance from The Hope Fund to purchase uniforms for these students.

The Hope Fund provided each learner with a set of new school uniforms, including school shoes, socks, two pairs of pants, three shirts, a jersey, and a school bag.

Siyajabula Trust Childrens Home Feeding

Carmenello Project

The Carmenello Day Care Centre is situated on Mahathma Ghandi Road (formerly Point Road) in Central Durban. Point Road is one of the empoverished areas within the Durban CBD. The daycare is an early childhood development centre that cares for children in the area. The day care, cares for thirty children, ranging from age 1 to 5 years.

Shereen Punchdeva, who is the founder of Carmenello, reached out to The Hope Fund to assist in the much needed refurbishment of the day care. She wrote into The Hope Fund to request our assistance. The day care was in desperate need of new flooring, a fresh coat of paint as well as removing and relocating shelving to ensure a safer environment for the children. New signage was also needed. They also required toilet seats for the younger children as well as educational charts to better teach the children.

On the day of The Carmenello Project, we were overwhelmed with the response we received from the volunteers who came through to help us achieve our objective.
The Hope Fund together with the volunteers completed the flooring and were able to sucessfully complete the painting of the walls of the daycare as well as the kitchen and toilet walls and floors. The shelves were removed and relocated to a safer place.

New signage was done on the outside window of the day care. New educational charts were put up and the overall look of the day care was brighter and so uplifting. The Hope Fund gifted Carmenello Day Care with a new fridge so that grocery items can be kept for simple, quick meals. In the event that children, who attend the daycare, cannot afford to come to daycare with a meal, a meal can be provided for them.

Sunbeam Project

eMapheleni, a rural and underdeveloped area, is home to Mtubatuba Baptist church, which was established in June 2013. The church aims to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and empower its members and the community through various programs. The church also runs a Christian English medium preschool called Litha Daycare Centre since 2018. In 2020, the church partnered with Mtuba Christian Academy to start a primary school called Sunbeam Christian Academy. The building where these two organizations operate is still unfinished due to insufficient funding. The Church embarked on a fundraising campaign to complete the building. Thus far they have managed to raise enough money to complete the roof. The Hope Fund stepped in and donated R17 850 towards the purchase and installation of the windows for the building.

Layla and Sisanda

Layla and Sisanda are sisters that were selected to represent KwaZulu Natal at the National Biathlon that was held in the Western Cape. They reached out to The Hope Fund to sponsor their trip so they would be able to compete. Due to the assistance from The Hope Fund, Layla and Sisanda were given the opportunity to compete on a national level. The girls did very well and were placed at 5th and 9th position.

Feeding the Need

Gledhow, Stanger

St Thomas Home for Children


Gift Vouchers and Food Hampers


Food hampers were donated to Anchor Church in Mtunzini. They were very pleased with our donation and we were happy to lend a helping hand. There any many individuals in that area who are in need of food provisions and the food hampers really helped them.


This crèche has been close to The Hope Fund’s heart for quite some time. We wanted to help these children by providing them with meals, as these children do not get proper packed lunches every day. This small act of kindness not only made their tummies full but their hearts full too. Seeing these children happy brought absolute joy to our hearts.


Christmas is a time for people to spend time with their families and enjoy a lovely meal together. However, many individuals are unable to provide themselves with food necessities. Our foundation wanted to give back to the community by distributing food hampers and vouchers to individuals and families who needed it most.


Easter is one of the sweetest holidays out there, with its sharing of chocolates and sweets. The Hope Fund wanted to share some sweetness around by giving out Easter Vouchers to families who desperately needed it. So many individuals are still unable to provide themselves with the necessities despite having a job. These vouchers helped some of those families and individuals feel the tough times a little less.


Food distribution is such an important initiative in South Africa because many individuals are in desperate need of food because they have not eaten anything in days. Distributions of Combo meals to individuals in need was the Hope Fund’s project help these people. Multiple Combo meal packs were distributed to homeless individuals on the street and to Carmenello crèche.


The Hydroponics system is one that The Hope Fund wanted to invest in and use for further growth in the future. This environmentally friendly system has its own independent watering system. Our Hydroponics system grows lettuce and we wanted to maintain and continue growing lettuce using this system because our future objective is to eventually sell the lettuce to farmer’s markets and use the money from this to fund future Hope Fund initiatives that help South African individuals in need.


The Hope Fund had collaborated with another organisation to put together one of the biggest food hamper distributions we had done. We wanted to reach help more people and this was the best way to do this. We were extremely happy that we distributed more food hampers than ever before. We love spreading hope and happiness.


Children are the future of the country and this is why it is important to take care of them in early childhood development centres in South Africa. This ECD in Siyathuthuka was our chosen centre that we wanted to help. We donated clothes, food hampers and lunch boxes to the children. These donations brought out the smiles and excitement in these children.


Winter can be an unbearable season if you do not have the necessary items to keep yourself warm, one of them being a blanket. The Hope Fund donated blankets to underprivileged individuals in Mtunzini. Every family or individual who received their blankets were so grateful and we appreciated how thankful these people were for the blankets.


Along with our Winter Drive for Blankets initiative, there was another initiative for Winter Hampers. Food hampers are always a good initiative because it allows individuals in need to receive the necessities, which they are not able to afford at times. We were so happy when we could provide for these people and make their winter more bearable.


Many communities in South Africa need help when it comes to food provisions. The Chatsworth community has people in it who are in need of this sort of help. An unemployed family in Chatsworth was struggling to make ends meet and The Hope Fund decided that we would buy them groceries and make them a large food hamper. They were extremely grateful for this donation.